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Winning an eBay auction...

You have found an item you want, bid on it and won. What now?

If it is an auction which allows payment by PayPal, all you have to do is simply follow the payment link and pay.

If the seller does not accept PayPal then you may have to wait to receive payment instructions. These will probably be sent via an invoice to your registered email address.

There are many different payment methods. Below are some of the most common:


Simple, fast and free to send money. PayPal also offers protection to buyers against fraud or lost parcels etc.

To make PayPal as safe as possible, always ask the seller to send to your confirmed address by Recorded Delivery or another trackable method. Sometimes parcels do go astray and it saves the hassle of trying to find your parcel if it does.

If you end up buying from a dubious seller, you can claim your money back through PayPal. See the help files in your PayPal account for more details.

Cheque or Postal Order

The seller should provide his/her postal address so you can send a cheque as payment. Double check the address with the seller to make sure it doesn't go missing. Make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover your cheque. A bounced cheque will cause all kinds of problems and embarassment.

Also, please be aware that most sellers will wait for the cheque to clear before sending out any items. This can still take up to 5 working days so it could be a week or more before you get your item.


Like PayPal, Nochex is run through email. You credit your account from your debit or credit card and you can then send money to sellers. It is not as popular as PayPal so only a minority of sellers accept Nochex payments.


If you are picking the item up from the seller then you can pay cash. It is not a good idea to send cash through the post though, even by Recorded Delivery.

I would avoid this payment method altogether.

Western Union

Used by scammers worldwide and is probably best avoided.

Once you have your item in hand and are happy that it is as described you can leave the seller positive feedback.

Make sure you leave fair comments as feedback cannot be removed once posted. Try and smooth over any problems with the seller before leaving feedback. Good communication can stop problems before they start.

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